Sunday, August 16, 2009

Google Chrome

Google Chrome: a new web browser for Windows

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Search from the address bar
Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.

Thumbnails of your top sites
Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.

Private browsing

Open an incognito window when you don't want to save your browsing history.

Why Chrome?

Here is my Answer

Web browsers are used my us to access the internet.there are many browsers like

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

and many more.while internet explorer is being used by 60 % of people worldwide where as firefox occupies a share of 30% and chrome for 4-5% and opera 4%.We know that internet is a home for lot of information as well as for virus.As many people are using internet explorer there is a scope for wide exposure of viruses which are presented in many pc's.

Hence less used browsers are to be preferred and chrome is a light software with less compatability.where as there are some disadvantages for chrome like html code missing etc but it supports 90% of our needs well compared to other browsers

Download Chrome here

After downloading run the setup file and it downloads the files for setup and finally u r infront of an excellent browser and thats it go

on enjoy surfing

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